Personalized services for your business.

With comprehensive business cash management services, our team of accredited, certified, leading experts work with you to create a customized pricing solution based on your volume and transactions. With Lead Bank's tested and transparent consultive approach, you get the flexible business solutions you deserve while helping you save money along the way.

Mobile deposits.

On the go? In addition to the desktop remote deposit capture service, we also have mobile remote deposit capture. After downloading the app to your mobile device, simply snap a picture of the front and back of the check you wish to deposit and complete the deposit.

Wire transfers.

Send guaranteed funds electronically to an account at another financial institution, assign multiple levels of user permissions and dollar limits, and initiate domestic and international wire transfers in a variety of currencies. These generally occur on the same day depending on the cutoff times of the financial institution.

Positive pay.

With Positive Pay and ACH Positive Pay fraud prevent services, you supply us with the details of the issued checks and ACH transactions and as each clears the account we will automatically compare them to the provided information. If there is any difference an automated email will be sent to you allowing you to make the decision to either pay the check or return it.

Remote deposits.

Scan checks and deposit them directly to your business account from any of your business locations with this fast, safe system offering same-day credit. Lead Bank can provide a desktop scanner, if needed. Once the service is enabled and the scanner is connected and installed to your designated in-office computer you can begin making deposits!

ACH origination.

Lead Bank's partnership with ACH Manager's ACH Origination allows for ACH information to be keyed into templates that can be saved and used repeatedly or to import a data file from an external accounting program/service. Also offered to enhance the experience, same-day ACH origination allows ACH credit and debit entries to settle to the receiver’s account the same day the file is originated.

Merchant services.

The latest payment industry technology with competitive pricing, telephone-initiated payments, and payment solutions, and local customer and repair services. For credit processing, our relationship with BancCard provides:

  • Ongoing personal service as BancCard takes care of all paperwork, initial set up, or transition as well as ongoing local personal service.
  • Personalized advice on the best fit for how to take credit card payment at each business.
  • Numerous options and personalized advice on the best fit for accepting credit cards for payment, terminals, phone/tablet apps, virtual terminals, point of sale devices as well as integration into existing point of sale systems, and website integration.
  • All of these services without a contract or lease.

Your ACH business toolkit.

Need more information on payment processing? We’ve put together a toolkit of helpful resources to help keep you up to date.

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