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Lead Bank is home to a vibrant community of entrepreneurs – and we want everyone to know their stories! To spread the word, we select one company each quarter to Spotlight. We then feature their products at our locations and acquaint our team and clients with their inventory and what makes the brand unique.

A family picture of the owners of Zim

Zim’s Sauces was founded in 2010 by Todd and Janet Zimmer.

Zim’s Sauces was founded in 2010 by Todd and Janet Zimmer. They moved from Buffalo, New York to Kansas City, Missouri in 1997. Not only did they bring their family with them but they also brought those great, rich, New York flavors and infused them with savory, Midwestern, Kansas City flavors. That’s why you’ll find their sauces unique and delicious with subtle undertones of vinegar, cayenne pepper, butter, BBQ, and cilantro. Zim’s sauces marry flavor with heat to create complex but simple taste profiles for augmenting your dishes by the drop or by the pour. With 6 different sauces to choose from, they have a sauce to complement any palette – and any dish. Zim’s also produces spices, which are made in nano batches, capturing the freshest flavor possible. They make almost 30 various spices. Individual spices are organic and each blend is an exciting balance of flavors in all-natural form. You can purchase their sauces from different retail locations in Kansas City.

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About The Spotlight

Lead Bank introduced “The Spotlight” during Q4 2017. This initiative celebrates and supports Kansas City small businesses by featuring local businesses’ products at the Lead Bank Crossroads location each quarter. Lead Bank wants people in the community to know the stories of our great, local Kansas City businesses.

Lead Bankers are trained on the ins and outs of what makes each retailer’s products and experience special. Bankers learn the inventory and brand message so they can effectively deliver the retail experience at the Bank. By acquainting themselves with the brand, Bankers can articulate what makes each company such a special, unique business to Kansas City. Our mission is to be at the heart of the success of our communities, which means it is our responsibility, as a bank, to foster the economy of local small businesses. We’re excited to be able to work with these great business owners and to be able to showcase some of their products to everyone in the downtown area.

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